Professional Home Grooming ... with Sharon


What if your dog came home from the groomers not only looking - and smelling - fabulous but feeling relaxed and just a little extra special - every single time! 

Even better, what if their appointment fitted in perfectly with your day, you could be on hand throughout the pamper - and nobody had to leave home at all! 

Well, we thought that would win paws-down approval with our customers, so we've launched our home-spa. A no-anxiety, "big-van-free", no fuss friendly grooming service at home.

Why this approach? Well having loved, lived and worked with dogs all our lives, we know how our furry clients think. And we know they will just love this.

Dogs of Oxford - kind and professional home spa groomers bringing all the kit with us - and turning a little bit of your home into a day spa. 

Just make your bath or shower available and find a little corner for us to set up and plug in. 

All you have to do is de-stress and get on with your day until your chilled prince or princess emerges transformed - and happy!


I live in the picturesque Wytham Village which is conveniently placed near to the A34 and A40 ring roads. I groom in Oxford City, Wolvercote, Summertown, Kidlington, Headington, Botley, Cumnor, Boars Hill , Wootton and  Abingdon.  I'll arrive in my little Smart car so I don't take up too much room on your drive either.  



Products - Equipment - Cleaning

Its not just our pampered pooches who sparkle .... 

Quality Products

We only use quality products on our pampered pooches. Gentle on the skin .... but something to make them smell a million dollars!!! 

Quality Equipment

When it comes to doing a good job you need the right tools! We have all the right equipment to make light work of the task ahead.

Quality Cleaning

We'll NEVER use any equipment on your dog that hasn't been cleaned & sterilised before we get to you. At the end of each the day every piece of equipment is UV Sterilised ready for the new day. 

Insurance is peace of mind ... 

Dogs of Oxford. 

I'm fully insured to groom your pets.

Qualifications - who needs them? 

In an industry which isn't regulated, would you trust your dog with just anyone!!!

I know I wouldn't ... 

Having spent all my life owning very hairy dogs, grooming has always been big on my agenda. But grooming isn't just about brushing & bathing, its about, health, welfare, maintenance, bio security, transmittable diseases, cleaning, safety .... things you as a customer may not know about, and why would you!!! .... you want to leave that to the professionals. So put your furry family in the best possible hands ..... with someone who knows about all the "other stuff" you don't need to!

This qualification is regulated by OFQUAL - CCEA - SQA

On the safe side 
Check who you're letting in!

Why should you believe me when I say I'm honest, we are constantly telling people not to be "taken in" and scammed almost everyday of the week. But to give you peace of mind I've been DBS Checked, please feel free to ask for proof. 

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